Philly Yard Sales For the weekend yard shopper!

Philly Yard Sales

A place to find the very best in Philadelphia yard sales. From West, South, North and East Philadelphia. There is no place better on the internet then Come join us as we explore the best Philly yard sale vender’s have to offer.


Once a week mainly on Fridays we will have new and exciting things for the weekend yard shopper to look forward to on the weekend. Our friendly Philadelphia yard sale vender will be listing their new item and best offers!


Using video and audio, will provide to you a great shopper guide to Philadelphia’s finest yard sales and locations. View what a particular Philly yard sale vender has to offer before you leave your home.


It may even be possible to place an order, on something that may catch your eye the night before the yard sale starts, know what you want before you get there and were it is located.

Great Fines, Great Offer’s

So! Come on in and take your shoe’s off and have a look around, because you know tomorrow is Saturday and you want to get that best deal! And that best offer! For yourself! Welcome To

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